Can I just say”Yummmm” (cheddar biscuits & shrimp potato soup)

Ok .. Last post tonight …I Promise… But this was sooooo good I couldn’t resist and had to share.

So I started looking for a Potato soup recipe, as I am always  experimenting with recipes and never use them exact. I like to add meat to my potato soup, and I didn’t have any .. I found a package of frozen shrimp in the freezer and googled shrimp potato soup.. This is a Paula Deen Recipe.. it was the first to come up …

But like I said I added my own flavor..1st thing was I doubled the recipe for 8 of us ..

Then I added a half bag of mixed frozen veggies (corn, green beans, carrots)

I do not keep half and half on hand .. opted for more milk ..I ended up using about 4 more cups of milk, because it was very thick..

I used already cooked frozen shrimp, so I waited until the soup was done.. Rinsed the shrimp and dumped them in the boiling soup.

And of course for added flair… I added “SLAP YA MAMA” seasoning..ummm umm to give it a Cajun spice..

You can try it exactly like the recipe and I’m sure it would be great.. I just like to change things and half the time I don’t have the right ingredients, and am too impatient to wait..

Next was the Cheddar Biscuits… Oh My word… If you’ve been to Red Lobster and Love their biscuits and have tried to duplicate their recipe like me.. LOOK NO FURTHER…  I followed this recipe to the T other than doubling it for our family it made about 26 huge biscuits and there was only 2 left….  I found it over at …

To top off this awesome snowy night dinner, we made some easy good ole chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.. Out of a box and can Icing.. Sorry I didn’t go totally Martha Stewart tonight..:)

So if you want to feel like you just had dinner down on the bay.. try these recipes..