A Picture Treasure Hunt!!

So have you ever been like me and your daughter ask’s if she can have a ” treasure hunt”  for her birthday party..  Uhhmmm ? OK !

I have never done this before. I started googling and searching the internet, and “oh my” it was overwhelming… and way too complicating or impractical for a 9 year old’s  birthday party.. like, “going through neighborhoods” knocking on doors..,( we live in the country)  or “driving around taking pictures of different things” (umm, they’re 9) , or “beach themes” ( yeah midwest), and so on.. :) …  SO after much thought I came across a few ideas that I put my own spin on..

This was simple for me, cheap, easy and practical for at least  5 years and up ( even my 12 year got a little stumped on some ) and my 3-year-old figured some out.. :)  ..  you can do so much with it..

My idea was that I wanted to divide them into 2 teams into 4 each. I had 8 girls.. I had everyone a gift box/or bag  as the treasure at the end..

         Our theme was the “Littlest Pet Shop” we filled these boxes with little gifts.. of course do whatever you like.. we put these boxes inside a tote and decorated the top, to say Treasure.. we put ours in a tote because they were going into a tree house as the final destination. (If indoors you could do the hall closet, or a cabinet..bathtub..  or inside a car.. )

OK now for the hunt part…

This can be done inside or outside.

We went around the yard taking super close- up shots,of some things like this for instance ….

is my water hose.. or we took full size shots of things like this ….  the boy’s gravel trucks, that are in their play yard.. and cut the full shot pictures into pieces, to put together like a puzzle..

So for 2 teams I took 19 photos.. the 19th photo was used twice, because each team had the same final clue.. Each team had 10 clues  total. I mixed it up between puzzle pictures  and close- up pictures.. I then printed them out on my printer onto 8×10 plain paper.

  I divided them up equally among teams ,( puzzles and close-ups )…. I then put them into envelopes labeled “team 1” and “team 2”  and number order.. although the teams did not have the same clues, that way if they happened to find a clue by accident, they knew by the team # if it was theirs or not..


Next my daughter and I went out and hid them in their spots..

This is how it goes down… I first handed each team their #1 envelopes.. for instance,  for “Team 1” their  picture was the “well house” .. once they discovered what it was, they ran to the well house and found Clue #2.. which might be a swing , or a truck, or stepping stone, or the water hose, and so on .. they ran to what the next picture is and found  the next clue.. the final clue for both teams was of the tree house, where they found their “goodies” .. It was fun.. I think they had a lot of fun… and we  had fun watching them.. Here are some pictures from todays hunt..


SO!!   I hope I didn’t confuse you ..  If I did you can always comment, and ask a question.. :) If not! Hope this helps if you are racking your brain like I was .. :)

Happy Hunting!!