Homemade Leather Cleaner

Today I have a little bit of nesting setting in,( could be 1 friend just had her baby today and another is in labor) :)   though I can’t act out much on it as we will be packing up for a 3 day basketball tournament… But like my mother I can’t leave my house a mess. Summer before last my husband finally bought me new couches. We had our original couches we bought shortly after we were married.. You probably are saying.. that’s just 14 years… I’ve had mine for 20 .. :) well they still looked pretty good .. but years of kid puke and other messes I had to clean off, I won’t say because you wouldn’t have wanted to sit on them LOL … I did have them cleaned professionally a few times.. really.. but regardless.. I ripped the cushion by putting the entire vacuum cleaner on them once, and my husband chasing  the kids jumped over the back and broke the couch’s frame, and we felt like we were sitting on the floor for several years…..after much begging, he  finally bought me new couches..

I’m not a leather person.. but after seeing what can get soaked into cushions and material , and with a house full of kids and new babies still coming .. I opted for leather.. Easy clean.. When I purchased the couches they sent me home with a cleaning kit. It had all kinds of stuff to clean and condition leather.. I really liked the leather wipes. They were easy and made my couches stay looking new.. But they cost a fortune and we spend a lot of time on our couches.. Having devotions, reading books, watching movies , playing wii, visiting with friends, kids sleeping on them like last night because of the bad storms that came through,  and soon that will be my new station holding and feeding baby Trenton.. So I got to thinking. How safe are these wipes and chemicals I am putting on my couches.. So after some investigating I found a recipe for leather cleaner and conditioner. It’s so SIMPLE…..

1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup vinegar

pour into a spray bottle, spray  and wipe down

I added several drops of  lemon and eucalyptus oil into the mixture .. It’s what I had on hand and it mixed well in helping cover the vinegar smell.. which goes away anyway..

The couches don’t feel greasy and they look fabulous..and the oil will  help to condition them especially if you have wood heat or forced heat air..

I hope to have these at least another 15 years.. :) my husband would say a life time for what we paid.. But regardless if you spent 10 or thousands on something, you need to take care of it..


Hope it works for you… Enjoy