Thankful for Toothpaste kind of Day!! :)

Today we are having Josie’s my #5’s  ..9th birthday party . In the middle of my chaotic morning.. trying to get my house cleaned and decorated  for a house full of company that will be here soon.. I was in my bathroom getting dressed .. and there’s TOOTHPASTE.. ALL over my sink.. NORMALLY … I would yell…either “come clean this up” or who did this?” .. but this morning,  as I’m about to get upset.. I thought.. ” you know, I’m always upset that they don’t brush their teeth” .. “and someone actually brushed their teeth without being told” .. So next time you see toothpaste on your sink.. be thankful someone  is actually brushing them!!! :) Or be thankful “you have a child” .. who is actually brushing their teeth.. as I have many friends who are without their children today, and would love to clean up toothpaste one more time.. ..Hey! I’m working on it.. Little by little .. it’s not easy… :) being more thankful and less stressed..LOL..

In all things give thanks……. 1 Thes. 5;18

6 weeks to GO!!!

The Countdown has officially begun……. 6 weeks , actually 43 days to be exact to the supposed time of arrival.. But with me you can definitely count on going 6- 10 days over.. Unless God Intervenes, or my body can’t hack it anymore, and I happen to go early for once, or on-time.. But regardless April 1st.. or April fools is day in sight..

What’s going  on? Well finally at 34 and baby#8 in 15 years, my body is rebelling… This really isn’t something I feel comfortable writing, 2 reasons..

1. This gives people a chance to mock or ridicule me and say things like” good grief doesn’t she have enough”? ” what ‘d you expect after having so many” .. If you don’t believe me just check out some of the comments about Michelle Duggar after her miscarriage.. People are cruel..

2. I don’t won’t to look like a wimp.. LOL .. How ridiculous Right?  Well for 7 pregnancies and being around a lot of pregnant women, that can be a bunch of whiners.. It drives me insane.. I have stayed active through out my pregnancies, was blessed to have minimal sickness, and wonderful non complicated births.. I floated on tubes down rapids the week I was  due.. have played on volleyball teams, I’ve done a lot of crazy things.. And considered my self tough.. Sound a little prideful???

But now, I am finally hit with high blood pressure, severe swelling, I can barely walk, I am out of breath and my heart feels like it will explode out of my chest. So much so , night before last my midwife actually stayed the night to monitor me..

I have been put on several types of herbs, I have to change my diet to high protein, I’m drinking several  herbal teas and I have to exercise 3 times a day and REST… If I can’t get it under control, I either will be on bed rest or have to see a Dr. and get put on meds, which I do not want to have to do.. So I am working very hard at following my instructions..

I am so glad to be seeing a midwife, I love to actually get to the bottom of things and fix them instead of just taking a drug that will band-aid it for a while or cause other problems… But I am not anti medication either.. If it get’s down to it, I will do what ever it takes..

So to conclude, I am dealing with new things here.. Realizing that it’s not from having so many babies, because I know LOTS of women who have trouble in their 1st, 2nd, and so on.. and realizing I finally have to step down a little and except help, except advice and take care of my self, that I’m not so tough…. This is really not a big deal, nothing on a scale of other things that can happen or have happened, but it is annoying, tracking everything you’ve eaten, making sure I eat 10grams of protein every hour, remembering to do all that I’m suppose to do.. when I have a million other things going on.. Hoping I don’t go on bed rest, or have to take meds, or worrying if it gets too bad, I might be hurting myself or the baby. Or complications with labor.. But all this will pass and I will look back at it as a bump in the road of life.. We’ve had a lot higher mountains to climb.. Like I said, it’s not a major issue just annoying..  If you hear this once from me, you will hear it a million times, God allows things in our lives for reasons…It’s what you do with it, that matters..

1st Thessalonians 5: 18

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of GOD in Christ Jesus concerning you …

It is difficult to give thanks when we are looking at events from our perspective. However, if we see these same events from God’s point of view and learn how they will benefit us, then it is easy to give thanks..

Giving thanks today,