Final Bathroom Pictures..

This is a long time coming and by now, with a 10 family home, my bathroom is the main bathroom in the house that everyone feels they need to use. This means too, it gets a lot of abuse. I was never able to get around to doing pictures when I completed it, so now these pictures are not so crisp and fresh as they would have been.. but that’s reality ..”right”  :).

SO, I basically just repainted and added a cabinet, and rearranged a few things to make work with what I had and how the bathroom was designed. I absolutely, am so pleased with the colors.. I love coming in and seeing all the bright colors..

I added the necklace hanger and a catch-all bowl as I frequently take my jewelry off in the bathroom, though I have a jewelry stand in my bedroom, this helps me find my most frequently used pieces. (I LOVE UNIQUE  JEWELRY ) .. I cut my bathroom towels down to 6  and 6 rags and 4 hand towels, and made sure they were a complete different color than the other 3 bathrooms, as we were often mixing up towels (I did this in the kids also). Now I know how many I have and where they should be. I took all the worn out ones to my mudroom to be recycled for cleaning rags, and other abusive things.

I love this 3 tier hanging basket.. I picked it up several years ago at a yard sale but never could find a spot for it. Now I use it to hold hand towels and rags  and the colors go great in the bathroom. As I mentioned in my earlier bathroom post my cabinets on the wall are deep and hard to use, I used a plastic bin to store towels ( so they’re not falling out and being shoved into the back) and also used plastic drawers to organize my things better. I also made a headband and bow holder, so now we can find them all.

Between Urban Outfitters and Target these are the places I bought my rugs, trash bin , jewelry hanger, and shower curtain.. Whoever says it’s all gotta match.. I love it, but I’m crazy like that. :) ..

Hope it inspires you to play with colors and accessories.. IT’S ALL GOOD!!