Final Bathroom Pictures..

This is a long time coming and by now, with a 10 family home, my bathroom is the main bathroom in the house that everyone feels they need to use. This means too, it gets a lot of abuse. I was never able to get around to doing pictures when I completed it, so now these pictures are not so crisp and fresh as they would have been.. but that’s reality ..”right”  :).

SO, I basically just repainted and added a cabinet, and rearranged a few things to make work with what I had and how the bathroom was designed. I absolutely, am so pleased with the colors.. I love coming in and seeing all the bright colors..

I added the necklace hanger and a catch-all bowl as I frequently take my jewelry off in the bathroom, though I have a jewelry stand in my bedroom, this helps me find my most frequently used pieces. (I LOVE UNIQUE  JEWELRY ) .. I cut my bathroom towels down to 6  and 6 rags and 4 hand towels, and made sure they were a complete different color than the other 3 bathrooms, as we were often mixing up towels (I did this in the kids also). Now I know how many I have and where they should be. I took all the worn out ones to my mudroom to be recycled for cleaning rags, and other abusive things.

I love this 3 tier hanging basket.. I picked it up several years ago at a yard sale but never could find a spot for it. Now I use it to hold hand towels and rags  and the colors go great in the bathroom. As I mentioned in my earlier bathroom post my cabinets on the wall are deep and hard to use, I used a plastic bin to store towels ( so they’re not falling out and being shoved into the back) and also used plastic drawers to organize my things better. I also made a headband and bow holder, so now we can find them all.

Between Urban Outfitters and Target these are the places I bought my rugs, trash bin , jewelry hanger, and shower curtain.. Whoever says it’s all gotta match.. I love it, but I’m crazy like that. :) ..

Hope it inspires you to play with colors and accessories.. IT’S ALL GOOD!!

Bathroom Makeover Part 3.. almost done..

I figured I should show you the before pictures, although I forgot to take the pictures of it actually decorated. We had already torn everything down and  started redoing it when I realized I didn’t have any pictures..

 As you can see my vanity has had a beating… Broken tracks on drawers, paint wearing off , fingernail polish everywhere. Also, Nothing I can do  about this, the vanity and light bar never matched up.. it drives me crazy because of it being off centered.. If I had my way completely, I would get a new vanity and new light.. But because I don’t have that extra money right now.. It’ll have to work.

This is a cabinet we built-in as part of the bathroom,  that was not a good idea, and it would take a whole remodel job to fix our mistake, again, no money for that.. I just had to come up with a better solution.  It’s very deep, hard to reach things, a lot of wasted space. I will show you how I tried to better utilize the space in the next and final blog on the completed project.. It never had the doors it was meant to have because we could never figure out where and which way to swing them.  Instead, I just hung curtains over it, to hide the mess it always manages to have.

We have 2 doors into the bathroom a pocket door that leads to our bedroom.. Which, if I didn’t mention.. Our master bath also serves as a guest bathroom because it’s the main bath room of convenience. And the toilet.. AwWW ..uugghhh. Our toilet, what were we thinking?? DO NOT ever put your toilet in the doorway and especially if your door to the bathroom is a straight shot to front door that is all completely windows. All 3 of our bathrooms have the toilet in front of the door and they are all in view of an outside entrance..It’s so lovely when you’re on the toilet and someone comes to the door and your kids run to the bathroom and swing it open and “there you are” ..” Mom! Somebodys here!!” Our toilet just hangs out in the middle of the room.. I have always had a hard time trying to find something convenient to put toilet paper on( I have bought many freestanding toilet paper holders) They fall over or are being moved all the time..  and a place for feminine products close by and extra toilet paper, because we have a large open bathroom. Not pretty in a basket by the toilet. :) I searched for hours online the other day trying to find the perfect piece that would fit the space just for that type of storage and all along I had it in my house .. ( I will get to that in a sec)

My poor daughter, always getting stuck with the cutting in ..

So my bathroom was poorly designed.. ( I’m not remodeling it, I’m just making it more useful with what we have and prettier) :) …We designed our house without getting any professional  help when we built it 10 years ago and with no previous experience or ideas on functional space and adequate storage area, we messed up! I struggle constantly with our home in managing things. But we are slowly learning and slowly fixing things.. And no idea we would have 8 children also, that needed space..LOL ….So you’ll see lots of home projects coming up in the next year..

I did however remodel my entire kitchen last summer.. I will have to write on that and show you that project soon.

So back to the cabinet.. I had this little cabinet my mom said she gave me years ago.. (I really don’t remember where or when I got it) .. I know I painted it years ago and put it in the guest bedroom for a lamp stand by the bed. I recently moved it out because of rearranging furniture, and threw it to the basement with the rest of the junk  treasures… :) It was so perfect, it has private storage for feminine products and just small enough to fit in the space.So we did a refurb on it and painted it white, added a basket and  “VOILA” …


Magazine rack and cabinet..


Here are few pictures so far.. It’s not done yet… waiting on rugs, shower curtain, window curtain, and smaller details , like vinyl art on the walls and some stecilling… more pictures hopefully by the end of the week everything comes in..

Like I said .. it was going to be colorful…….

We did fix the drawers, they’re just open from the paint still being “tacky”.. Also I will need to hem up the curtains.




All the details and finished project to come later in Part 4 ..

Stay Tuned




Master Bath Redo “coming soon”

Just checking in with everyone today, Hope you’re all having a great Day..

Just a little humor first.. Todays Marriage tip that came through, was… Marriage Tip…..The fastest way to end a petty husband-wife argument is for both of you to undress. Try it. that was by if you’d like you’re own tips..

Next I am redoing my bathroom today..” call me crazy”  like I have time to do this!!.. but when something hits me I have to do it then .. I have no patience.. plus I have all the paint so I don’t have to take a trip into town to get it..:)  I’m taking all the leftovers from my kitchen and living room and I  going to have the most colorful bathroom around when I’m done, my mind is buzzing with ideas for it.. .. SO! I can’t wait to show you when it’s done .. Don’t forget to check back in.. I hope to be done by the end of the  next week with everything put back in  place and organized..

And some of my kids are chipping in on the fun..LOL …Have a Great Weekend..

Please share some of your favorite “BATHROOM ORGANIZING IDEAS” …  I’ll be sharing mine soon..


Remodeling my girls Bathroom

So this is a recent project we completed not too long ago.. We are slowly redoing some things in the house to make room for our expanding family. All 7  of our children are upstairs in 2 very large rooms,and sharing 1 bathroom.. we will be moving our 3 boys to the basement and opening up the upstairs for our girls. So in the mean time, we have redone the bathroom upstairs for the girls.


Everyone was using my bathroom, all the hair accessories, shampoo, stuff, you name it.. I never could get to the mirror with 4 girls.. So we made it more for them because the boys will be leaving soon and girls just need more STUFF!! So for now the boys are supposed to use the downstairs bathrooms until the basement is done for them. The bathroom was a complete disaster, letting 7 kids rule in it, drawers falling out, wall paper peeling,writing all over the doors, nothing supplied.. So we went for it, to give them their own domain..



First thing we did, was choose paint, which with 3 girls deciding is not always easy.. They chose a lime green and dark purple, which I was not all that sure about.

Next we had to choose new flooring since the linoleum was all tore up, stained, and pulling up.. We chose a floating  fiber flooring,

No glue just lay and tuck under the trim.. It was a beautiful mixture of greys.

Then we stuck with the grey to tone down the colors and went with a grey trim and painted the vanity and door the same. We chose a beautiful grey shower curtain again to give it a more elegant feel.

We added some wall art, and stick on mirrors, to give it a fun girly feel, some cool organization, like a bar to keep the hair dryer and curling irons handy, hair accessory drawers, we put in some shelves for towels and I gave everyone their own towel hooks and colors of towels that matched their personalities and tie in the whole bathroom and colors together..



They love it, it turned out very beautiful, and it gives them a sense of responsibility, to have their very own things now. And my favorite… I got my bathroom back..