Girls Bedrooms Redone..

Ok.. SO here goes another.. If you are just jumping in, since April, we have been redoing and finishing our house. We originally only finished the main floor and upstairs when we built the house almost 11 years ago. We never completed the almost 1500 sq. ft  walk out  basement… (that I so desperately need for the space) .. You do what you have to keep from submerging yourself in debt.  Or we do, anyway.  We ended up with 4 bedrooms in the house, 2 upstairs and 2 on the main floor. I use 1 of the rooms for storage and guest. Originally moving in we had 5 children, we had 2 girls in 1 room and 2 boys in the other and the baby with me. As the years have gone now, we had 3 boys in 1 and 4 girls in the other.. Way too tight!!! So Jimmy came home to be here for the birth of Trenton we FINALLY after 11 years started to finish the basement. We have it close to completion which the next post will be just some shots of the boys rooms as we still have work and construction going on down there. The boys all moved to the basement 2 sharing 1 room and my oldest son, has his own room but they join through door ways, so there really is no separate rooms. I’ll get to that later.

The 2 middle girls share a room  and my oldest and youngest share a room now , for a couple of reasons, #1 the 2 middle both like pink #2 My oldest does the best job with the youngest, and she can have more control over her room with the 3-year-old :)

So we ripped up the nasty carpets, repainted, everyone got new furniture, curtains rugs and accessories..THEY LOVE IT and so do I .. We ran out of money that  we had put back for this  because we have so many projects going on at once and was not able to put in the flooring yet. So I did the next best thing and painted the floors “temporarily”  until we get some more money put aside,because we have the entire upstairs to refloor and carpet is NOT going back in my house.. :) So here are some before and after of each rooms.. They both have futon in their rooms for company. Our closets were never quite built right and we could never find doors that would work in them, so I hung curtains instead.

Oldest and youngest room.. I didn’t get what the previous room looked like, but lets just say…It was bad.. 4  girls are pretty rough.. These rooms were taken with 3 different cameras,2 of which are cell phones, I was going to take new pictures, with my new camera (canon rebel) I got for our anniversary, but the battery decided to quit charging and working.. so these will do..







They were helping move in the furniture.. :) She is so excited about her new room, she never wants to sleep with me any more when Jimmy’s gone. :(










Also a neat thing to do is take the cool duct tape in the stores and to cover your plug and switch plates.  We did both rooms, to match.. of course the one below is in zebra.. :)

Middle girls room.. before and after.. They have wild taste too.. LOL …

Bathroom Makeover Part 3.. almost done..

I figured I should show you the before pictures, although I forgot to take the pictures of it actually decorated. We had already torn everything down and  started redoing it when I realized I didn’t have any pictures..

 As you can see my vanity has had a beating… Broken tracks on drawers, paint wearing off , fingernail polish everywhere. Also, Nothing I can do  about this, the vanity and light bar never matched up.. it drives me crazy because of it being off centered.. If I had my way completely, I would get a new vanity and new light.. But because I don’t have that extra money right now.. It’ll have to work.

This is a cabinet we built-in as part of the bathroom,  that was not a good idea, and it would take a whole remodel job to fix our mistake, again, no money for that.. I just had to come up with a better solution.  It’s very deep, hard to reach things, a lot of wasted space. I will show you how I tried to better utilize the space in the next and final blog on the completed project.. It never had the doors it was meant to have because we could never figure out where and which way to swing them.  Instead, I just hung curtains over it, to hide the mess it always manages to have.

We have 2 doors into the bathroom a pocket door that leads to our bedroom.. Which, if I didn’t mention.. Our master bath also serves as a guest bathroom because it’s the main bath room of convenience. And the toilet.. AwWW ..uugghhh. Our toilet, what were we thinking?? DO NOT ever put your toilet in the doorway and especially if your door to the bathroom is a straight shot to front door that is all completely windows. All 3 of our bathrooms have the toilet in front of the door and they are all in view of an outside entrance..It’s so lovely when you’re on the toilet and someone comes to the door and your kids run to the bathroom and swing it open and “there you are” ..” Mom! Somebodys here!!” Our toilet just hangs out in the middle of the room.. I have always had a hard time trying to find something convenient to put toilet paper on( I have bought many freestanding toilet paper holders) They fall over or are being moved all the time..  and a place for feminine products close by and extra toilet paper, because we have a large open bathroom. Not pretty in a basket by the toilet. :) I searched for hours online the other day trying to find the perfect piece that would fit the space just for that type of storage and all along I had it in my house .. ( I will get to that in a sec)

My poor daughter, always getting stuck with the cutting in ..

So my bathroom was poorly designed.. ( I’m not remodeling it, I’m just making it more useful with what we have and prettier) :) …We designed our house without getting any professional  help when we built it 10 years ago and with no previous experience or ideas on functional space and adequate storage area, we messed up! I struggle constantly with our home in managing things. But we are slowly learning and slowly fixing things.. And no idea we would have 8 children also, that needed space..LOL ….So you’ll see lots of home projects coming up in the next year..

I did however remodel my entire kitchen last summer.. I will have to write on that and show you that project soon.

So back to the cabinet.. I had this little cabinet my mom said she gave me years ago.. (I really don’t remember where or when I got it) .. I know I painted it years ago and put it in the guest bedroom for a lamp stand by the bed. I recently moved it out because of rearranging furniture, and threw it to the basement with the rest of the junk  treasures… :) It was so perfect, it has private storage for feminine products and just small enough to fit in the space.So we did a refurb on it and painted it white, added a basket and  “VOILA” …


Magazine rack and cabinet..


Here are few pictures so far.. It’s not done yet… waiting on rugs, shower curtain, window curtain, and smaller details , like vinyl art on the walls and some stecilling… more pictures hopefully by the end of the week everything comes in..

Like I said .. it was going to be colorful…….

We did fix the drawers, they’re just open from the paint still being “tacky”.. Also I will need to hem up the curtains.




All the details and finished project to come later in Part 4 ..

Stay Tuned




*Sneak Peek*..bathroom redo part 2..

Well I couldn’t wait to show just a couple of the projects from today.. One is a mirror, the other is a magazine/book rack and last  some kind of useless ornamental shelf, I have had forever and now I think I might just use it closer to the sink to hold my face washes, and creams that  I use daily, instead of digging through my shelf..

Here is the magazine rack and shelf, they were previously a cream color.. now they are green ..

Next is the mirror, (my favorite of today)… I bought this mirror about 10 years ago at a yard sale for about $15 or $20.. I thought I would love it at the time, but it has made its way around my house from the hall way to the living room to storage then to my bathroom. It just never fit well as I’m not a brassy person.. I had some robin eggy looking color blue left from my hall ways, and thought I’ll try it on the mirror.. I just barely dipped my brush and just surfaced brushed it.. I loved the dark crevices it left, it made it look so shabby and chic..

It really turned out really neat looking.. It will also go great with my rug that will tie in all the colors that I bought at Urban Outfitters

Well many, many more projects coming..

So next time you see that ugly mirror or useless shelf at that sale or auction.. just think of the possibilities..Also I have a little cabinet I will post next that I’m working on, and share its story..I am reusing, recycling  and saving money doing it too.. :)

Happy Redoing! :)

(after looking at these pictures after they were loaded .. I think I got paint on my lenses.. sorry for the smudges :) )


Be a Great Listener

This morning I got an email as I do every morning, on “marriage tips”.. I rarely read them, I usually just skim over them, and push delete.. My husband though gets the same emails in his box, and quite often I hear him refer to something he read from them, and then I realize I’m not putting in the same effort or interest he is.  Todays tip was .. “Be a Great Listener” … “even if your spouse isn’t a great speaker” … that’s not exactly what it says, but it’s the idea… This spoke volumes, as I have noticed a lot lately, that I “don’t quite listen as I should”.. I shouldn’t even write this, as my husband reads every entry..” Yes honey, I’m admitting to not listening to you.” LOL :) ” LOVE YOU STILL”… He knows it any way… (that I love him and I don’t listen)  :)

My husband is gone A LOT!! so we talk on the phone A LOT!! Usually I’m busy when he calls (of course)  and just let him talk and say, “uh huh, uh huh, yep… ok .. ” then I’ll catch myself not hearing a word, then he gets aggravated and says, ” Well, I’ll talk to you Later” … Also when he’s home and he’s trying to tell me about trucks and trailers, and ideas and trucking or the farm and so on.. I’m not that interested… I don’t know much about them and I basically could care less what he drives or what trailer he needs to have, because I trust him to make that decision and again I have” no clue” most of the time what he’s even talking about..

This goes both ways of course, when I’m talking about diapers, recipes, school, things I’m interested in.. (it goes both ways honey) :) … And then I get aggravated.. and it’s a continual cycle..So even if we’re not that excited, or interested in what our spouse has to say, get interested or just listen, let them know you care enough about them to give a few minutes of your time to just let them talk.  So many marriages end because someone else might be listening to you or your spouse and giving them that attention that is needed.. Also when you know they’re not interested, it  can get you  into a habit of not talking together because you know they won’t listen, then that leads to talking to someone else.. Whether it be a friend, parents or the opposite sex, it can all lead to an unhealthy relationship between the two of you ..

This won’t fix or be the answer to all of your problems, but it might be just the thing to help have a better marriage and relationship for each of you or on the road to a happier, healthy marriage.  If you listen and respond, he might just take notice and start listening to you.. “So honey, I know you’re reading this, don’t hold me to it, too much as it takes me awhile to put things into practice.” :)

Today or this week,  put this into practice and leave a comment of what you did and lets see what kind of awesome things it can bring forth.