Where have I been?

So if you follow me or are waiting on updates “like the bathroom” and such, you might have noticed I have been away from my computer for a while..

First the kids and I took a much-needed vacation, down to Biloxi, MS for the 4th of July… It was a last-minute trip and that was the closest beach.. I NEEDED TO SEE THE OCEAN!!LOL .. Then I went on to Louisiana, spent a while at my moms…. I thought I would catch up on some blogs, but, NO .. I only turned on my computer once.. Sometimes you just got to do that. I did still have my phone though to keep in touch.

I celebrated my 35th birthday this month. Man where has the time gone. It wasn’t near as hard as 30 though..

Once home it was hit the road running with Bible Camp, VBS, ect… so for over the last month I have yet to have all my family under the same roof except for maybe 1 day here and there. Next Volleyball camp starts next week along with 4-H going on..

Our garden ( I mean weed patch) Is growing.. We have cantaloupes and watermelons growing out of our ears.. LOL .. I ‘ve been giving them away like crazy.. So I think this week we need to finally go pick our beans.. I’m just not motivated at all this year to work on a garden. I ask my husband not to plant one this year, as I knew it would be too much.. but we are just eating what we can for now, which is nice, to walk to the garden and get your tomatoes and onions,cucumbers for your salad and melons on the side for dessert .

And Finally, Projects, projects, projects, we have about 10 going on at one time. I did finish the bathroom ( for now anyway) and boys are all moved ( I said moved ..( nothing put away yet..LOL) into the basement, and their bathroom is almost done except for our vanity issue..UGHH .We got the boys old bedroom redone for 2 of the girls and now about to start ripping apart the girls room to redo it for the other 2 girls. And we are starting our new addition this week of a “REAL” schoolroom … Thank you Lord.. a much-needed, a much waited on project.. Can’t wait, but it will be a while before I will get to show you that, unless my husband chooses otherwise to finish it out before school. For now we have it hired out to get it in the “dry” ..

So as you can see, I haven’t been much in front of the computer, and Trenton consumes a lot of my time.. For the good of course. :) I will catch up and start downloading some pictures soon of the fun stuff..

Until then, this mammas going down for the night..