Foaming Kitchen Hand Soap ..and Sharing another Blog

So Again today I am sharing another amazing blog I recently came across, over at Marathon Mom.. She recently just had her 8th child, who are all boys :) , and has some amazing, encouraging blogs..I am following her in the Green Home Makeover.. so if you are interested in getting ideas like I am in trying to go more “GREEN” or natural in a cheap way, head over to her blog and check it out..

I actually just received a bottle of Dr. Bronners Castille Soap in the mail yesterday to make some other homemade cleaners I had come across. I ordered it through the  site , then clicked on For 2 large bottles 32oz. each is $33.99 .. It goes a long way in the recipes I seen and will be trying out soon.. You can actually click on the link in the sidebar of my blog and through the refer a friend  program, if you are a first time customer you receive 20% off your order and with the code they will donate up to $30 to the charity I have chosen, which is Make-a-Wish..

So again if I took a picture of my calendar book and showed you my schedule, you’d think I was insane.. We are heading into the final weeks of Basketball, lots of games to get in and tournaments coming up.. Dentist check-ups are all due.. I am on the fundraising board of our Pregnancy Center here and our annual Banquet is in a couple of weeks and we are down to the wire working out the final details.. Soo as you can see this is a good time to share others ideas..

This was taken from her site..


This is the easiest homemade soap recipe in the world!!

No melting.  No grating.  No mixing required.

Simply pour water and two ingredients into a recycled foaming hand soap pump and you’re done!






What’s not to love!?!Fill a clean, empty foaming hand soap dispenser two-thirds full of water.

Add about three big squirts of your favorite Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap, leaving room at the top for the pump.  (Don’t fill too much because it will spill out, wasting some of your soap.)  I used tea tree oil scent because it’s what I bought last.  Tea tree oil is a great choice, too, since it’s naturally anti-bacterial!

Last, add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil.  I used eucalyptus for its natural anti-bacterial properties and because my husband likes it.

Screw the pump back on and turn bottle over a couple of times to mix.

You’ll be amazed at how fast, easy, and frugal this really is!  Why didn’t I think of it sooner!?!

Blog Share..

Since I’m strapped for time lately.. I thought I’d share my sister-in-law’s  blog today over at Mama Buzz.. She has some great giveaways and office remodeling ideas.. She also has a great blog, and has been at this a long time.. They have been the ones to help me get started and design of my blog… She has great ideas, recipes and lots of reviews .. So since I can’t get to the computer because of my insane schedule of basketball games and preparing for our local Pregnancy Center Banquet coming up and new baby coming.. I though I’d share her blog today.. Have A Great DAy.. Be back in a day or so..