Natural ways to help with “Thrush”


The advice I give is my opinion and my experiences. I am NOT a doctor or have any degree that would qualify in me giving any medical advice. Use your own judgement and seek the advice of a medical person, if you are unsure. I am a mother of 8 children I’ve had my go around with many things from “thrush, fevers, appendicitis, seizures, and CANCER”.. you name it, we’ve probably been there, but in the end if I feel the need, I take my children to a Doctor.

OK! with that said, THRUSH!

Thrush is ..


Candidiasis – oral; Oral thrush; Fungal infection – mouth; Candida – oral
This a good article on the explanation of thrush from PUBMED..
  In 8 babies I have only had one other  (besides Trenton)  develop thrush and that was with my first baby 15 years ago.
I of course being a new mom, “no internet and no google” .. took her to the doctor right away. I’m not sure then what exactly they did for it, but I do know I ended up putting her on “gentian violet” I remember because everything was stained purple. :)
15 years later I had to deal with it again. This time I did some research.
First as much as they say it can go away and it’s not that dangerous is false… The world we live in today has  out of control MRSA “staph” and bacteria going around and it can become dangerous, for mother and baby.
I have had friends on multiple antibiotics  to cure it in their breast, as it is easy to pass back and forth.
About 2 months ago,I noticed horrible  pain around my nipple shooting through my arm pit, then with in 24 hours noticed Trenton’s mouth had white patches inside and he would fight me when I tried to touch it or look in. I immediately started researching. I came to conclusion of “thrush” for my breast and him, though I had no other symptoms of a yeast infection.   I have tried my best to keep him from the doctor and from giving him unnecessary medication.  This is what I did!  But again, you be the judge, even the write-ups on this say it can go away in a couple of weeks “untreated”.
Trenton not only had it in his mouth but also in his diaper area “severely”. The first thing I did for myself was start taking “acidophilus” it is a pro biotic that helps put the good bacteria in and fight the bad, I also bought some made for babies and gave it to Trenton mixed with a little water in a bottle, “Babylife” was the brand I used.
Second, I have some organic coconut oil I always have on hand, I would put some on my finger and rub it in the inside of his mouth and on my nipples. This helps with spreading it back and forth and killing the bacteria/yeast/fungi ect.. here’s an article from Dr. Oz on coconut oil  maybe you’ll believe him :)
Also for his horrible diaper rash I would rub it on his bottom during each diaper change. At night I would run his bath tub with a small amount of water, just to cover his rear, and put a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Also” air, air, air”.. the best remedy for any rash..
With in a day his mouth had cleared, but it took at least a week or 2 for his bottom to completely heal.
So that’s what I did, It worked for us , maybe it wasn’t so severe, maybe I caught it super early, maybe it would have went away anyway.. who knows?  Like I said “do your research!”


Girls Bedrooms Redone..

Ok.. SO here goes another.. If you are just jumping in, since April, we have been redoing and finishing our house. We originally only finished the main floor and upstairs when we built the house almost 11 years ago. We never completed the almost 1500 sq. ft  walk out  basement… (that I so desperately need for the space) .. You do what you have to keep from submerging yourself in debt.  Or we do, anyway.  We ended up with 4 bedrooms in the house, 2 upstairs and 2 on the main floor. I use 1 of the rooms for storage and guest. Originally moving in we had 5 children, we had 2 girls in 1 room and 2 boys in the other and the baby with me. As the years have gone now, we had 3 boys in 1 and 4 girls in the other.. Way too tight!!! So Jimmy came home to be here for the birth of Trenton we FINALLY after 11 years started to finish the basement. We have it close to completion which the next post will be just some shots of the boys rooms as we still have work and construction going on down there. The boys all moved to the basement 2 sharing 1 room and my oldest son, has his own room but they join through door ways, so there really is no separate rooms. I’ll get to that later.

The 2 middle girls share a room  and my oldest and youngest share a room now , for a couple of reasons, #1 the 2 middle both like pink #2 My oldest does the best job with the youngest, and she can have more control over her room with the 3-year-old :)

So we ripped up the nasty carpets, repainted, everyone got new furniture, curtains rugs and accessories..THEY LOVE IT and so do I .. We ran out of money that  we had put back for this  because we have so many projects going on at once and was not able to put in the flooring yet. So I did the next best thing and painted the floors “temporarily”  until we get some more money put aside,because we have the entire upstairs to refloor and carpet is NOT going back in my house.. :) So here are some before and after of each rooms.. They both have futon in their rooms for company. Our closets were never quite built right and we could never find doors that would work in them, so I hung curtains instead.

Oldest and youngest room.. I didn’t get what the previous room looked like, but lets just say…It was bad.. 4  girls are pretty rough.. These rooms were taken with 3 different cameras,2 of which are cell phones, I was going to take new pictures, with my new camera (canon rebel) I got for our anniversary, but the battery decided to quit charging and working.. so these will do..







They were helping move in the furniture.. :) She is so excited about her new room, she never wants to sleep with me any more when Jimmy’s gone. :(










Also a neat thing to do is take the cool duct tape in the stores and to cover your plug and switch plates.  We did both rooms, to match.. of course the one below is in zebra.. :)

Middle girls room.. before and after.. They have wild taste too.. LOL …

Final Bathroom Pictures..

This is a long time coming and by now, with a 10 family home, my bathroom is the main bathroom in the house that everyone feels they need to use. This means too, it gets a lot of abuse. I was never able to get around to doing pictures when I completed it, so now these pictures are not so crisp and fresh as they would have been.. but that’s reality ..”right”  :).

SO, I basically just repainted and added a cabinet, and rearranged a few things to make work with what I had and how the bathroom was designed. I absolutely, am so pleased with the colors.. I love coming in and seeing all the bright colors..

I added the necklace hanger and a catch-all bowl as I frequently take my jewelry off in the bathroom, though I have a jewelry stand in my bedroom, this helps me find my most frequently used pieces. (I LOVE UNIQUE  JEWELRY ) .. I cut my bathroom towels down to 6  and 6 rags and 4 hand towels, and made sure they were a complete different color than the other 3 bathrooms, as we were often mixing up towels (I did this in the kids also). Now I know how many I have and where they should be. I took all the worn out ones to my mudroom to be recycled for cleaning rags, and other abusive things.

I love this 3 tier hanging basket.. I picked it up several years ago at a yard sale but never could find a spot for it. Now I use it to hold hand towels and rags  and the colors go great in the bathroom. As I mentioned in my earlier bathroom post my cabinets on the wall are deep and hard to use, I used a plastic bin to store towels ( so they’re not falling out and being shoved into the back) and also used plastic drawers to organize my things better. I also made a headband and bow holder, so now we can find them all.

Between Urban Outfitters and Target these are the places I bought my rugs, trash bin , jewelry hanger, and shower curtain.. Whoever says it’s all gotta match.. I love it, but I’m crazy like that. :) ..

Hope it inspires you to play with colors and accessories.. IT’S ALL GOOD!!

Where have I been?

So if you follow me or are waiting on updates “like the bathroom” and such, you might have noticed I have been away from my computer for a while..

First the kids and I took a much-needed vacation, down to Biloxi, MS for the 4th of July… It was a last-minute trip and that was the closest beach.. I NEEDED TO SEE THE OCEAN!!LOL .. Then I went on to Louisiana, spent a while at my moms…. I thought I would catch up on some blogs, but, NO .. I only turned on my computer once.. Sometimes you just got to do that. I did still have my phone though to keep in touch.

I celebrated my 35th birthday this month. Man where has the time gone. It wasn’t near as hard as 30 though..

Once home it was hit the road running with Bible Camp, VBS, ect… so for over the last month I have yet to have all my family under the same roof except for maybe 1 day here and there. Next Volleyball camp starts next week along with 4-H going on..

Our garden ( I mean weed patch) Is growing.. We have cantaloupes and watermelons growing out of our ears.. LOL .. I ‘ve been giving them away like crazy.. So I think this week we need to finally go pick our beans.. I’m just not motivated at all this year to work on a garden. I ask my husband not to plant one this year, as I knew it would be too much.. but we are just eating what we can for now, which is nice, to walk to the garden and get your tomatoes and onions,cucumbers for your salad and melons on the side for dessert .

And Finally, Projects, projects, projects, we have about 10 going on at one time. I did finish the bathroom ( for now anyway) and boys are all moved ( I said moved ..( nothing put away yet..LOL) into the basement, and their bathroom is almost done except for our vanity issue..UGHH .We got the boys old bedroom redone for 2 of the girls and now about to start ripping apart the girls room to redo it for the other 2 girls. And we are starting our new addition this week of a “REAL” schoolroom … Thank you Lord.. a much-needed, a much waited on project.. Can’t wait, but it will be a while before I will get to show you that, unless my husband chooses otherwise to finish it out before school. For now we have it hired out to get it in the “dry” ..

So as you can see, I haven’t been much in front of the computer, and Trenton consumes a lot of my time.. For the good of course. :) I will catch up and start downloading some pictures soon of the fun stuff..

Until then, this mammas going down for the night..