Updates, Homeschooling and Prayer Request

We are busy in school trying to stay caught up. Does anyone else have this problem…UGGHHH It’s feels as though we’re always behind. Our life is so busy, from sports, to school, 4-H, house renovations and 8 kids in general. I am really liking our Monarch program through AOP. It really helps me not have to be so one on one with everyone all day, because that’s just impossible. Our kids math have slacked in many ways, from switching curriculums every couple of years to missing out on some key foundations. I came across a math program from a blog I follow, it’s called Quarter Mile Math http://www.thequartermile.com/ I’m using it for practice and refresher for the kids. It’s a little hard to understand at first and it’s not a teaching program, more of a practice. So far it’s fun for them, it’s not a lot of flair but basic typing in the answers to the problem,  racing their car or horse against their times. I started with the basics, making them go back and start with adding, sub, multiplication and division, so that they get a stronger foundation before they keep advancing into harder math. Second thing I did was purchase the Math U See http://www.mathusee.com/ program for my K and 1st grader. It’s start from scratch and works on one concept at a time. It only comes with one manipulative which are blocks.. I like that. I have done Bob Jones and other math programs and there were SOOOO many manipulatives you had to keep on hand it was overwhelming. It has an easy to follow DVD with each lesson and the 2 younger ones I am hoping get a stronger foundation in Math than my older ones did. I really wished I had understood this early on in homeschooling. It makes so much more sense. I need EASY!! :)


Like I said we are busy, kids are in full-blown basketball right now, we have many games coming up. If you home school and your kids are interested in sports, all over the country there are all kinds of home school groups and sports programs you can get involved in. Also there is Homeschool regional tournaments and Nationals events. We have Nationals coming up in March that are held in Springfield Mo. We will have a record-breaking year with over 60+ Varsity teams from 30+ states. It’s 5 days and even if your child is not on a team, you can register them with a USA team. http://nchclive.com/ this is the link for more information. They have, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball. Of course these are different times of the year also. It’s all very exciting and there are scholarships and scouts at these events.

We are enjoying our new school room..I promise I will get pictures and a blog soon..I know I’ve promised before :) .

My last post I mentioned maybe getting to go to the Homeschool Moms Winter Summit.. Well I didn’t go. I wish I could have, but didn’t find out about until late, and trying to fit into the schedule with a husband whose always gone, didn’t work out either. Maybe next year.

We are done with birthdays for a little while. Trenton is almost 10 months old..I can’t believe it. He’ll be 1 in April..:( :( Nursing is still going very well, he is eating solids and he has 3 teeth cutting 2 more at the time. He pulls up everywhere and stands for a second, but not walking yet. He’s into everything from pulling out all the drawers and getting into cabinets and wanting to play in the toilet. “disgusting” … I do have a toilet lock, but when you have 7 kids using the toilet and leaving the doors open and lid up, it’s hard to make that work.

IMG_2625 (1024x683)

After my last post on “natural ways to help with thrush” my oldest daughter went through a bad case of cellulitis/staph, it was her 3rd in 9 months, the first 2 times we did the routine antibiotics, hot packs and so forth. This time I did not want to destroy her system again and we tried some natural ways to get through it, and we did.. I of course would have taken her to the doctor if I felt she was not recovering. Thank the Lord it did. We used a combination of many things, including… garlic, Calendula tea packs, tea tree oil, my healing salve, water, and pineapples… If you want more information you can contact me. Or just google it.. I read a lot of home remedy sites.

Since we went through that, my 4-year-old this week was eating pineapples and within minutes of eating them broke out into horrible itchy hives from head to toe.  Actually from toe to head. I gave her Benadryl and it went away, at midnight they came back and again yesterday… (mind you, none of my kids have food allergies or have ever responded like this to anything) I took her into the Doctor. They were not completely  convinced it’s a pineapple allergy, since she had a 2 day virus last week with fever, they believed it was her body fighting that off, only to find out also while they were examining her she had a double ear infection.. Go figure! MOM OF THE WEEK RIGHT THERE!! (she was in no pain and no symptoms) LOL .. Also to find out this was the same type of reaction that happen to my niece on my husband’s side from eating pineapple years ago. Everything I’ve read on pineapple allergies online, sound just like what she’s doing. The doctor said to be safe to keep her from them for a couple of years and then introduce them slowly. We shall see. I am tempted to have her tested for allergies. I don’t like the “maybe, could be” answers. So if anyone reading this has any advise, I would love to hear it.

With all that said…told you I was busy..lol

If you have read my post before,or if you are new ,our son Trey is a childhood Cancer Survivor. We are due to leave in 7 days, Jimmy ,Trey, myself and the baby will be  flying into NYC  where we go every 6 months at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  for checkups and scans . Please keep him in your prayers as this will be 5 years since chemo.. He completed his last cycle in Feb 08′ and had his last surgery in March of 08′ .. Thank the Lord for my sister-inlaw who will be driving in to stay with the kids while we are gone. If you’d like to follow-up or know how things went before I get back on here. I keeps his updates and journal at www.prayfortrey.com We will also be meeting with his long-term effects doctor, who from here until he is an adult will be seeing once a year.

IMG_2082 (1024x683)

Thank you all for reading my blog, I have hit 1 year since I’ve been blogging. I don’t write all the time, I wish I could do more, but as it is my husband is always asking “when are you going to write again?” Love Him !!





Natural ways to help with “Thrush”


The advice I give is my opinion and my experiences. I am NOT a doctor or have any degree that would qualify in me giving any medical advice. Use your own judgement and seek the advice of a medical person, if you are unsure. I am a mother of 8 children I’ve had my go around with many things from “thrush, fevers, appendicitis, seizures, and CANCER”.. you name it, we’ve probably been there, but in the end if I feel the need, I take my children to a Doctor.

OK! with that said, THRUSH!

Thrush is ..


Candidiasis – oral; Oral thrush; Fungal infection – mouth; Candida – oral
This a good article on the explanation of thrush from PUBMED..
  In 8 babies I have only had one other  (besides Trenton)  develop thrush and that was with my first baby 15 years ago.
I of course being a new mom, “no internet and no google” .. took her to the doctor right away. I’m not sure then what exactly they did for it, but I do know I ended up putting her on “gentian violet” I remember because everything was stained purple. :)
15 years later I had to deal with it again. This time I did some research.
First as much as they say it can go away and it’s not that dangerous is false… The world we live in today has  out of control MRSA “staph” and bacteria going around and it can become dangerous, for mother and baby.
I have had friends on multiple antibiotics  to cure it in their breast, as it is easy to pass back and forth.
About 2 months ago,I noticed horrible  pain around my nipple shooting through my arm pit, then with in 24 hours noticed Trenton’s mouth had white patches inside and he would fight me when I tried to touch it or look in. I immediately started researching. I came to conclusion of “thrush” for my breast and him, though I had no other symptoms of a yeast infection.   I have tried my best to keep him from the doctor and from giving him unnecessary medication.  This is what I did!  But again, you be the judge, even the write-ups on this say it can go away in a couple of weeks “untreated”.
Trenton not only had it in his mouth but also in his diaper area “severely”. The first thing I did for myself was start taking “acidophilus” it is a pro biotic that helps put the good bacteria in and fight the bad, I also bought some made for babies and gave it to Trenton mixed with a little water in a bottle, “Babylife” was the brand I used.
Second, I have some organic coconut oil I always have on hand, I would put some on my finger and rub it in the inside of his mouth and on my nipples. This helps with spreading it back and forth and killing the bacteria/yeast/fungi ect.. here’s an article from Dr. Oz on coconut oil http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/surprising-health-benefits-coconut-oil  maybe you’ll believe him :)
Also for his horrible diaper rash I would rub it on his bottom during each diaper change. At night I would run his bath tub with a small amount of water, just to cover his rear, and put a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Also” air, air, air”.. the best remedy for any rash..
With in a day his mouth had cleared, but it took at least a week or 2 for his bottom to completely heal.
So that’s what I did, It worked for us , maybe it wasn’t so severe, maybe I caught it super early, maybe it would have went away anyway.. who knows?  Like I said “do your research!”


OH BOY! Weary mommyhood..

So I think after 8 kids now, I’m finally at the point I feel like I have NO idea what I’m doing. I didn’t realise just how blessed I was. I guess I was just on this high of thinking…” WOW, I must be a really good mom.”LOL.. My babies have all been awesome, slept through the night early, I could take them anywhere, I could sleep, I could get things done…. When I would listen to all the woes of mammas complaining about their babies, I couldn’t at all relate. But Now God has blessed me with HUMBLENESS…

I obviously had some bumps along the road of young motherhood, hernia surgery for my second born at 3 weeks old, seizures of 4th born, then of course Trey, was sick the first 10 months of life, only to find out it was a huge cancerous tumor in his belly, then Jordanna I thought was handful… OH boy, this boy is really doing this momma in…

He hasn’t once slept through the night, he cries all day, he spits up constantly, he has to be held non stop, even then he is NOT happy.. I tried grocery shopping with just te 2 little ones yesterday as all the others were at one thing or another, I ended up carrying him through the store and by the time I had finally got my groceries out of the cart, he was screaming to the top of his lungs, the poor cashier was helping me as best she could, as other were staring at me like I was some kind of horrible mom.. I was finally one of the Wal-Mart moms with the screaming baby, that I used to think “good grief, I’m glad my kid doesn’t scream like that”. We went to eat lunch with friends after church today and the whole restaurant was staring at this screaming kid who happened to mine, but thankfully my oldest took him to the car.

I have always been independent, hit the road running, and done what I needed to do, either the Lord gave him to me to slow down or to take me off my high horse.LOL.. I’m finally starting to worry how I’m going to make it through ball seasons, that are fast approaching, still taking care of my 7 other children while trying to take care of him..AAAHHHH..

We were in a restaurant the other night with just a few kids, and there was a toddler screaming his head off across the restaurant, I looked over to see what the commotion was a bout and the poor mom had 3 young children sitting quietly and a very unhappy baby in the high chair and she was VERY pregnant.. SHe was by herself with the kids and trying very hard to take care of them all, but the baby just kept screaming, the table next to hers got up and moved across the restaurant, and were very upset with the whole situation, I wish I had got up and walked over to helped her.  That was me at one time and still is, though minus then the screaming baby.. But now I have more mercy because I’m going through this now.

So all of this to say, I thought I had it all figured out, I’m used to going in restaurants where people approached us and commented on how well-behaved our children were,.. Those days are over for a while now it seems. LOL.. I am struggling, so like a previous post I had written..I AM NO SUPERMOM!! I don’t even feel like an adequate mom at this point. But I will keep on keeping on.. I hope if you are struggling with a little one, you keep on keeping on too. All babies are different no matter how many you have.

One day I might write on the life of teenagers and newborns, what a drastic difference, in raising and training, though by now the teenagers should be”trained”, but it’s all very fun, very frustrating, very new.. Lots of highs and lots of lows… every step of parenting is something new to learn.. I will say the million times that older ladies told me to enjoy the baby years when I had 4 in car seats and diapers and tagging along ..I thought they were NUTS, that they had no idea what I was going through.. But looking back and now, they Truly are the best years. Not saying I’m not enjoying my teens, because I love that too, but it’s different.. So mammas it won’t last for long, you will get through it, before you know it, you’ll be discussing why they can’t wear make-up and they need to wait a little while longe to shave their legs..LOL :)


Here are a few encouraging verses..

Proverbs 22:6

King James Version (KJV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Deuteronomy 6:7

King James Version (KJV)

7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Ephesians 6:1-4

King James Version (KJV)

6 Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

2 Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;

3 That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Proverbs 29:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

Exodus 20:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee

Proverbs 1:8-9

King James Version (KJV)

8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

9 For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.


New Born/ Infant… Natural Skin Care

Today I just wanted to share on caring for your newborns skin , care for belly button and circumcisions…

Since I am new to blogging and not sure how the legal aspects work..I just want to make sure I give credit to where credit is due.. Which is to www.bulkherbstore.com ..If you want to know anything as far as how to find herbs, how they work and how to make tinctures and salves, you really need to check out her blog, website and You Tube videos .. Her Making Babies Series is amazing.. I love it and am addicted to making all of the things inside the book and on the DVDs that I ordered with it..


So first off… My babies have always had sensitive skin… Washing my babies clothes in “Dreft” is a must for us.. I haven’t yet looked into natural laundry soaps for babies, we use the homemade version laundry soap for our clothes and love it so far, but have not tried washing Trenton’s clothes in it.. Next, I put Trenton into the Huggies brand diapers to start off with until I was up and going enough to mess with cloth diapers that I had bought.. BIG MISTAKE.. He immediately had a horrible reaction.. I switched to Pampers Sensitive and went to my cloth diapers and that fixed it.. Next is wipes.. I use Pampers Sensitive, they have been the best by far if your baby has sensitive skin..  I was going to make my own, but I tried it in the past and wasn’t that impressed, so these work and I don’t have to mess with cutting through paper towels which is worse than scratching a chalk board for me..LOL !!!!

Ok…. so right off in the first 48 hours Trenton had extremely sensitive skin.. Worst case I have ever seen with any of my kids.. I immediately made up some bath water made with the Bulk Herb Store mix of Baby Bath Herbs.. You take a 1/2 cup of the mixture of herbs and pour into 5 cups of hot water not boiling and let sit and strain like a tea.. then pour into the bath water .. It worked amazingly…( a mixture of lavender,rosemary,rose petals, and yarrow.)… then I rubbed him down with the baby cream that I made also from the Making Babies series.. mixture of ( Calendula, rose petals, lavender, coconut oil, aloe, vit E, grapefruit extract)…these are all wonderful healing, soothing and anti-fungal herbs and with the baby cream you are adding great things for the skin like vit e, coconut ect.. this all made a huge, noticeable difference.. it cleared his skin immediately and I haven’t used anything else since.. You might wonder about it not being soap and getting your baby clean, but lavender is a natural bacteria fighter and it acts as antibacterial soap..

   (the brown bottle is my belly button tincture)               (these are the baby bath herbs pre mixed from the Bulk Herb Store)

On to the belly button care.. I am so amazed at these young moms I talk to that don’t have a clue.. I have always used straight alcohol and a cotton ball , and it works, but I came across a recipe for a tincture, made with rosemary, Calendula, and comfrey, again all good skin healing herbs, you pour alcohol over these herbs and store for up to 7-14 days, I did this months ahead.. then strain and put into a tincture jar( small glass bottle with a dropper) .. I immediately started using this on Trenton, and his cord was gone in 4 days.. much sooner than all my other babies.. it healed up very nicely.. at every diaper changing, I took a cotton ball saturated it in the tincture, and dropped a few drops on to the cord, make sure you get in the crevices.. of course if it is raw or bloody, the alcohol DOES burn.. just blow on it.. baby will be fine in a few seconds.. So again awesome stuff. I had a whole bottle practically left, I have been putting it on the kids bug bites and it works great and poison ivy.. although the Bulk Herb Store just posted a new video on a poison ivy tincture.. Haven’t tried that yet though. but will be soon..

 ( this was the 4th day how his belly button looked after the cord fell off that morning)

Now to the Circumcision care.. if you decide to circumcise this is a must have.. We had Trenton circumcised, it was a lot later than we planned because of my health, and I won’t go into it, but it did not go so well.. but anyway… they recommended I only put antibiotic cream on although I had the salve made up, I went with their instructions, I went through 2 tubes of antibiotic cream, and when I ran out I switched to the salve I pre made.. I finally  realised later that the tip had been over cut on the side and it was really having a hard time healing.. once I started lathering the salve on it started to heal, and he started to become less fussy.. It is great stuff!! I also gave a can of it to each of my boys (the recipe made 5 cans)   to keep for the excema on their legs, they were scratching until they bled.. it’s has really helped to heal them up.. the mixture is (lavender, Calendula, rosemary, comfrey, and coconut oil) cooked and made into a slave with beeswax.. Again all of these recipes and the exact directions are in their books or videos, you can watch them all for free on You Tube..

 (this is the before of the circ. herbs in the jar)  the oil is a massage oil that I also made up…  ( this is the salve after)

So now we are all healed and from cord, circumcision , raw butts and sensitive skin.. I will continue to use the  “bath herbs” for a while and continue making the creams .. I feel much more comfortable putting this on my baby’s skin than anything else… and I enjoy making it and seeing how the things God put on this earth for us to use, works so great.. So that’s my spin on caring for a newborns skin.. they don’t need tons of baths, that will dry out their skin, make sure you clean under their necks and folds and that they dry out completely before you dress and diaper them.. airing out their tushies is the best remedy for diaper rash and change their diapers frequently.. and SUNSHINE… wonderful  for newborns especially for keeping jaundice away or helping resolve it.. a few minutes at a time throughout the day.. works wonders.. If your baby is having lots of blistery diaper rashes, switch to a sensitive or hypo allergenic diaper and if that doesn’t help, you need to see what is going into his body, (whether breast or bottle fed) that might be causing  the problem.. HAPPY TAKING CARE OF YOUR BABY!!! with every one of them  it’s a new learning experience and everyone is different, I learn new things all the time.. and I am sure I will face new challenges everyday..