Updates, Homeschooling and Prayer Request

We are busy in school trying to stay caught up. Does anyone else have this problem…UGGHHH It’s feels as though we’re always behind. Our life is so busy, from sports, to school, 4-H, house renovations and 8 kids in general. I am really liking our Monarch program through AOP. It really helps me not have to be so one on one with everyone all day, because that’s just impossible. Our kids math have slacked in many ways, from switching curriculums every couple of years to missing out on some key foundations. I came across a math program from a blog I follow, it’s called Quarter Mile Math http://www.thequartermile.com/ I’m using it for practice and refresher for the kids. It’s a little hard to understand at first and it’s not a teaching program, more of a practice. So far it’s fun for them, it’s not a lot of flair but basic typing in the answers to the problem,  racing their car or horse against their times. I started with the basics, making them go back and start with adding, sub, multiplication and division, so that they get a stronger foundation before they keep advancing into harder math. Second thing I did was purchase the Math U See http://www.mathusee.com/ program for my K and 1st grader. It’s start from scratch and works on one concept at a time. It only comes with one manipulative which are blocks.. I like that. I have done Bob Jones and other math programs and there were SOOOO many manipulatives you had to keep on hand it was overwhelming. It has an easy to follow DVD with each lesson and the 2 younger ones I am hoping get a stronger foundation in Math than my older ones did. I really wished I had understood this early on in homeschooling. It makes so much more sense. I need EASY!! :)


Like I said we are busy, kids are in full-blown basketball right now, we have many games coming up. If you home school and your kids are interested in sports, all over the country there are all kinds of home school groups and sports programs you can get involved in. Also there is Homeschool regional tournaments and Nationals events. We have Nationals coming up in March that are held in Springfield Mo. We will have a record-breaking year with over 60+ Varsity teams from 30+ states. It’s 5 days and even if your child is not on a team, you can register them with a USA team. http://nchclive.com/ this is the link for more information. They have, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball. Of course these are different times of the year also. It’s all very exciting and there are scholarships and scouts at these events.

We are enjoying our new school room..I promise I will get pictures and a blog soon..I know I’ve promised before :) .

My last post I mentioned maybe getting to go to the Homeschool Moms Winter Summit.. Well I didn’t go. I wish I could have, but didn’t find out about until late, and trying to fit into the schedule with a husband whose always gone, didn’t work out either. Maybe next year.

We are done with birthdays for a little while. Trenton is almost 10 months old..I can’t believe it. He’ll be 1 in April..:( :( Nursing is still going very well, he is eating solids and he has 3 teeth cutting 2 more at the time. He pulls up everywhere and stands for a second, but not walking yet. He’s into everything from pulling out all the drawers and getting into cabinets and wanting to play in the toilet. “disgusting” … I do have a toilet lock, but when you have 7 kids using the toilet and leaving the doors open and lid up, it’s hard to make that work.

IMG_2625 (1024x683)

After my last post on “natural ways to help with thrush” my oldest daughter went through a bad case of cellulitis/staph, it was her 3rd in 9 months, the first 2 times we did the routine antibiotics, hot packs and so forth. This time I did not want to destroy her system again and we tried some natural ways to get through it, and we did.. I of course would have taken her to the doctor if I felt she was not recovering. Thank the Lord it did. We used a combination of many things, including… garlic, Calendula tea packs, tea tree oil, my healing salve, water, and pineapples… If you want more information you can contact me. Or just google it.. I read a lot of home remedy sites.

Since we went through that, my 4-year-old this week was eating pineapples and within minutes of eating them broke out into horrible itchy hives from head to toe.  Actually from toe to head. I gave her Benadryl and it went away, at midnight they came back and again yesterday… (mind you, none of my kids have food allergies or have ever responded like this to anything) I took her into the Doctor. They were not completely  convinced it’s a pineapple allergy, since she had a 2 day virus last week with fever, they believed it was her body fighting that off, only to find out also while they were examining her she had a double ear infection.. Go figure! MOM OF THE WEEK RIGHT THERE!! (she was in no pain and no symptoms) LOL .. Also to find out this was the same type of reaction that happen to my niece on my husband’s side from eating pineapple years ago. Everything I’ve read on pineapple allergies online, sound just like what she’s doing. The doctor said to be safe to keep her from them for a couple of years and then introduce them slowly. We shall see. I am tempted to have her tested for allergies. I don’t like the “maybe, could be” answers. So if anyone reading this has any advise, I would love to hear it.

With all that said…told you I was busy..lol

If you have read my post before,or if you are new ,our son Trey is a childhood Cancer Survivor. We are due to leave in 7 days, Jimmy ,Trey, myself and the baby will be  flying into NYC  where we go every 6 months at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  for checkups and scans . Please keep him in your prayers as this will be 5 years since chemo.. He completed his last cycle in Feb 08′ and had his last surgery in March of 08′ .. Thank the Lord for my sister-inlaw who will be driving in to stay with the kids while we are gone. If you’d like to follow-up or know how things went before I get back on here. I keeps his updates and journal at www.prayfortrey.com We will also be meeting with his long-term effects doctor, who from here until he is an adult will be seeing once a year.

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Thank you all for reading my blog, I have hit 1 year since I’ve been blogging. I don’t write all the time, I wish I could do more, but as it is my husband is always asking “when are you going to write again?” Love Him !!





Happy New Year!!

I hope the New Year finds you all well and that  your holidays were a blessing.

We spent our Christmas and New Years this year in Louisiana with my mom. All was well other than the nasty stomach bug we bought with us. Fun times, cleaning puke on Christmas morning :) .. But on the bright side it didn’t last long and we will always remember that one.. My husband celebrated his 44th Birthday.. and we rang in the New Year with fireworks and the kids jumping in a 30 degree pool then into a hot tub. While I laughed standing by a cozy fire.

No New Years resolutions here.. Why set myself up for disappointment? I do hope to lose weight, something I’ve said for 16 years and get healthy, to be a better mom, teacher, wife, and christian… but I seem to be at that same place every year. Little by little though..

So first thing I did was sign up on Nutri System, why not? I’ve tried everything else on the market..

Next I have my new school room, so No EXCUSES there in the area of getting school done.

I am following a blog and hoping to get organized, room by room and DECLUTTER DECLUTTER DECLUTTER!!

I am reading the 5 Love Languages of Children ( awesome book) I have figured out their “love languages” now to put it into practice.

Hoping to set up my new “old” budget system that I know works.. the Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope system.. I just have to put it back into practice. (it’s awesome too)

Finding Hubby time, and making it MANDANTORY for dates..LOL Now that I have older kids to babysit, there should be NO EXCUSES for that either.. “Our time” has sat on the back burner WAY TOO LONG!!

So these are just somethings I have in mind… Everyday is a oppurtunity to begin a new day, and make better choices. So far, I’m still recovering from the holidays and travels..So tomorrow we WILL begin school again. :)

Just some FYI.. For you struggling tired Homeschool mommies, I came across this from http://themarathonmom.com/ a Homeschool Mom  Winter Summit coming up the weekend of Jan 25-26 in Norman OK.. Here is the link http://www.homeschoolwintersummit.com/ or go through the Marathon Mom and get a chance to win a free registration..

I really hope I can work it out to go, I think this would be a great opportunity to be rejuvenated and refreshed for the New Year ahead.

Speaking of the New Year.. I will soon ( by the end of the week ) be having 3 teenagers in the house >>OH MY !!

By Sept I will have a licensed driver and permit driver, It will be a rollercoaster from there. My fun days are just starting, It’s bitter Sweet!!


P.S. Here is the link to DECLUTTER/ORGANIZE  mission I’m on..http://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com/kitchen-organization.html  They are starting week #1 today, so jump on board ..

Seriously? Are we Mom Enough?

Ok! so, some of my not so nice and opinionated self, might come out in this entry..

These are my thoughts and opinions, I thought why express them to the world? I could just hold them in or keep them to myself, but I say “what’s the point of my blog, if I can’t write freely on the topics that come to mind”?

In regarding the recent article from “TIME”magazine… “Are you Mom Enough?” With the mom standing, nursing her preschooler who is standing in a chair.. I thought why not give my 2 cents worth..
First of all.. Why?  Why is this an issue in our world today?  First we belittled the moms who went to work, out of needing to support their families to women who chose to work because they didn’t want to stay at home.. then to stay at home moms feeling like they weren’t good enough because they didn’t have a degree or weren’t helping support the family finacially..to vacinate or NOT? to breastfeed or bottle? to an Epidural to NON.. to homebirth or hospital?, to homeschool or not?  to give medication or natural herbs.. JEEESH !!!!  to now we have this war on our hands with mothers  to see who CAN DO IT ALL!!! I CERTAINLY CAN’T!!!!!

The article actually has to do with attached parenting, but from that article, numerous articles have emerged on what is going on in todays CYBER mommy  world?  Hey ! I’m as attached as you can get.. Stay at home, homebirther, baby wearing, nursing, co- sleeping,  homeschool mom.. but please, really,  If you wanted attention about this I certainly think this picture went over board.. I was disgusted ..(by the picture and the idea, of who’s the better mom).. I won’t be nursing my 3-year-old ( if you do , that’s great! that’s your choice).. heck, I don’t even make it past a year usually.. But, that is not going to define who I am or what kind of mother I am.

I will be the first to admit of what a failure I am.. If there were cameras in my house, I would be ashamed, I might even be turned into Social Services ..:) I scream and yell, and sometimes slam the door to my room and have a GOOD cry..My kids have no schedule, they go to bed practically whenever and get up late, half the time we don’t even get around to doing school , because we are so busy with so many other things. In 5 minutes of my house being cleaned it’s a total disaster again. My kids still don’t do things without being told 50 times, and definitely not with a chipper attitude..

SO! this is how we have been made to compete.. I for one would never tell anyone that half the time I don’t get out of bed until 9, because that would make me look lazy. I certainly don’t have conversations on .. “oh yeah we haven’t done school in weeks”.. or “yeah I fed my kids corndogs and sandwiches today”, because I don’t feel like cooking anymore, or “we laid around watching movies all day”, because I’m so tired from being up all night with a baby who’s NOT at all perfect.. and that doesn’t sleep 6-10 hours at a time.. or you know how you can just have the worst mornings on the way to church and then you walk in all happy, with your little ducks in a row all perfect.. Or my 10-year-old still can’t read well and you home school, and your 6-year-old has no desire to read and you have no time to work with them because you’re so burnt out on years of schooling and you don’t won’t to ask for help because of your pride. Or you invest so much time reading blogs and spending time on Facebook and Pinterest and online, that the day is gone and you’ve barely spoken to your children other than, “be quiet, I am trying to work!”… Hey! I don’t even know how to type without looking at the keys, and my grammar is rarely right. I don’t even know how to write.. I failed English.. and typing..

As you can see I am not perfect, I’m not even great.. I am a sinner, a failure, a human, and most of the time “selfish”.. I just recently said,” I can’t stand to read anymore blogs, because I get so overwhelmed”… feeling like I have to do it all to be that perfect mom..(that’s not what makes us great)…  I chose to write this blog, 1st .. for myself, because I love to write, and 2nd. Because there are so many that seem all too perfect and I wanted to be able to relate to the ones that are struggling.. Because if we are honest, with ourselves  we all are struggling.. Sure, we could use our time more wisely and make better decisions, and if we had a schedule or  meal plans, things might go smoother. Feeling overwhelmed by feeling you “have” to do all these things and reading about it all won’t help either.. I get great ideas from blogs and pinterest, and those things are great when you need them. When you’re looking at all your boards though, you have pinned and feel like you have to make every craft or organize you bathroom just so, or try every recipe and do every hair style.. Well that’s not so great! Reading Homeschool blogs!.. OH MY!!!!! I WON”T even go there..

So again, why we do we do this to ourselves? Why do women compete with each other? The only answer I have to that is that maybe is that they feel inferior and need make you feel the same.. I don’t know?, I’m guilty! I have been caught up in that before, as a young mom.. I say that like I am so old.. but meaning younger with little ones just starting out life.. I felt the need to get my foot in, that I can do this.. What we should be doing is relating and giving a hand out. I had no help, so I had to do it mostly on my own. Taking 1-5 kids, under 5 and 6 years old, into Dr. offices and grocery stores, shopping, driving across the USA.. husband gone on the truck or working 100+hours a week in a plant. I can probably count all the times I had babysitters, grandparents never asked if they could just take them just because, or to give you a break.. I had to struggle through it and all the while wishing for help. Everybody always comments “Jennifer can just pack up and take off with all them kids” ..”she can do it”, those comments cuts deep because, I had to.. If I had a choice it wouldn’t have been that way. But, that made me who I am today..

I might be the laziest, non scheduled, horrible homeschooling, yelling, crazy, mean, tough, Overwhelmed mom.. But I LOVE my kids.. I would do anything for them, (with in reason of course).. I try my best, to nurture, teach and train.. It’s not always the right way but it’s the way I know to. We can always have room for improvement,( I am preaching to myself here). Don’t get overwhelmed, Don’t feel like you have to do it all, or cook the best or make everything from scratch and homeschool and homebirth, and make your own natural products and not using plastic, because the world is telling you you’re poisoning your children.

I don’t even have some great advice to give you or end this in some wonderful scripture from the Bible.. Just that ,do your best, love your kids, do what you think is right, in the end they’ll love you. Regardless, if you breast-fed, didn’t feed them chocolate, and  pizza pockets, or cleaned your home with vinegar. Do you think it will all matter in the end? Again !! I am preaching and trying to take this advise myself.. (Not meaning I won’t keep writing about interesting things I come across.) But trying to put things in Perspective, because we will lose our children trying to be the “I can do it all mom”, really who is that glorifying? Only trying to make ourself look like “SUPERMOM” … We should be concerned with glorifying GOD..Putting Him first our husband 2nd. then our children, and all things will come together in the END!!

Why is this all such an issue.. It’s really sad to be caught up in this “MOMMY WAR”… we should be supporting each other no matter the decision we have made, regardless of our beliefs or convictions, we are all in this and have one goal.. mine, is to have a Godly home, Great Marriage, Healthy  and Happy  Children, who are productive to society.. and the only one I will answer to in the END is GOD…



March 15th .. 17 DAYS TO GO !! and other ramblings…

So we are down to 17 days until  Due Date.. Which means practically nothing :) … Other than now, you KNOW YOU ARE CLOSE!! I have been so super busy, preparing for baby, coming to the end of basketball season, tournaments, school, and my daughter will be going to State the last week of March through the Christian Academy at our church… Which means tons of preparation, for singing, photography, volleyball, and so on….Monday we head to Nationals for 6 days to a Basketball Championship for Home schoolers and Christian School teams.. It’s a HUGE Event!! www.nchclive.com needless to say we are busy… Who ever said Homeschool kids do NOTHING?!! :) ( the picture posted is one of the still lifes my daughter is taking to State)

But trying to find the most convenient time for baby to arrive, Well that’s up to God… I’ve done my part by taking all my prepping herbs, keeping my blood pressure down.. getting plenty of protein and staying well hydrated.. I had my prenatal appt. yesterday and things are progressing.. For those interested, I am dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced.. which again for me means not much, other than that is 3 centimeters I don’t have to labor through.. I have had tons of different experiences with labor, but normally my babies don’t drop until I am in active labor..For instance, my last pregnancy, my midwife checked me at 10:30 am and said “we probably won’t have a baby today,” no contractions, not dilating, only that my water had broken… and by 1:30 pm I had Jordanna…So you never know and I have to remind myself they Don’t stay in there forever..:) So today I am wrapped up like a mummy… My last 2 pregnancies I have carried 2 11lb 6oz. babies, past their due dates…2 reasons for the wrap.. 1. to help support this big boy, and my back and 2. pulling the baby in helps put him in a more up right position for me so that there is more pressure put on the cervix .. My belly gets huge and hangs,  so baby likes to hang over instead of downward..  We have never actually done this until due date was here, so maybe starting early will help things progress quicker.. So that’s that on Baby.. Hopefully next time I post will be to announce the big arrival…I probably won’t be writing too much in the next few weeks..

So today reading through Proverbs chapter 15… this chapter hit so hard today relating to lots of experience in the past few months.. First, the very first verse is … A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grevious words stir up anger.. How many of us are so guilty to lash out, whether it be to our husband, children, co-workers, drive thru window, or the clerk checking you out.. vs2. The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright : but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness…WOW… talk about cutting deep… the rest of the chapter is loaded with wise counsel and was so convicting and encouraging at the same time.. I pray today that I can really get ahold of my mouth, and use wisdom before I speak.. I am being already tested :) .. Speaking more softly to my family.. I have known this for years, this isn’t something that I have read for the first time, but I really want to put this into practice in my home.. It has leached into my children and they talk so hateful to eat other, it tears me up inside when I hear them using the same words or the same tone I use and I feel like a failure as a mother .. I want a “New Beginning” … I pray our family can make this change.. and with the new baby it gives us the opportunity to put it into practice hopefully.. vs.4 A wholesome tongue is the tree of LIFE!!!  I want to be honored in my home and by my children and not be disrespected, but I have to show them the same respect and honor.. So today if this is something you also struggle with, I pray that God will give you the wisdom and knowledge and help you change yourself for the better and for your family.. I want to break this generational curse, before my children carry it into their families.. God Bless you all and a Have  PEACEFUL DAY!!!