Girls Bedrooms Redone..

Ok.. SO here goes another.. If you are just jumping in, since April, we have been redoing and finishing our house. We originally only finished the main floor and upstairs when we built the house almost 11 years ago. We never completed the almost 1500 sq. ft  walk out  basement… (that I so desperately need for the space) .. You do what you have to keep from submerging yourself in debt.  Or we do, anyway.  We ended up with 4 bedrooms in the house, 2 upstairs and 2 on the main floor. I use 1 of the rooms for storage and guest. Originally moving in we had 5 children, we had 2 girls in 1 room and 2 boys in the other and the baby with me. As the years have gone now, we had 3 boys in 1 and 4 girls in the other.. Way too tight!!! So Jimmy came home to be here for the birth of Trenton we FINALLY after 11 years started to finish the basement. We have it close to completion which the next post will be just some shots of the boys rooms as we still have work and construction going on down there. The boys all moved to the basement 2 sharing 1 room and my oldest son, has his own room but they join through door ways, so there really is no separate rooms. I’ll get to that later.

The 2 middle girls share a room  and my oldest and youngest share a room now , for a couple of reasons, #1 the 2 middle both like pink #2 My oldest does the best job with the youngest, and she can have more control over her room with the 3-year-old :)

So we ripped up the nasty carpets, repainted, everyone got new furniture, curtains rugs and accessories..THEY LOVE IT and so do I .. We ran out of money that  we had put back for this  because we have so many projects going on at once and was not able to put in the flooring yet. So I did the next best thing and painted the floors “temporarily”  until we get some more money put aside,because we have the entire upstairs to refloor and carpet is NOT going back in my house.. :) So here are some before and after of each rooms.. They both have futon in their rooms for company. Our closets were never quite built right and we could never find doors that would work in them, so I hung curtains instead.

Oldest and youngest room.. I didn’t get what the previous room looked like, but lets just say…It was bad.. 4  girls are pretty rough.. These rooms were taken with 3 different cameras,2 of which are cell phones, I was going to take new pictures, with my new camera (canon rebel) I got for our anniversary, but the battery decided to quit charging and working.. so these will do..







They were helping move in the furniture.. :) She is so excited about her new room, she never wants to sleep with me any more when Jimmy’s gone. :(










Also a neat thing to do is take the cool duct tape in the stores and to cover your plug and switch plates.  We did both rooms, to match.. of course the one below is in zebra.. :)

Middle girls room.. before and after.. They have wild taste too.. LOL …

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