Go “GOLD” for our kids

Today is Sept. 1…this is CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.. though everyday we should be aware.

No it’s not something we enjoy thinking about, but it’s a reality for many of us. Actually 46 new parents a day.

No, I never thought while watching St.Jude’s  commercials, that, that could be us!!! I always thought “that happens to other people”..

I never imagined entering this world of the unknown, I didn’t even know much about it at all..

Now I know more than I ever wanted…

We have lost so many everyday, which should not be ok..

We need more awareness, more research and more funding.

Here is my son, Trey.. Just 2 weeks after he was diagnosed with “neuroblastoma” in Nov. of 06.. and this picture was taken 2 days after his 1st. birthday, which he spent recovering from surgery and starting chemo.  We were and have been blessed, that he is still here with us now almost 6 years later. It has been a long ongoing road..

This picture was taken over a year later, after switching hospitals and making many difficult decisions, that we had to go searching for on our own.

Meaning that we didn’t have many resources, and left the care up to the Drs. until they basically were grasping at straws, and that’s when we took over and started looking into different options. But this isn’t the way it should be.. All hospitals should work together for whats best for the patient and we need more people being aware, that this isn’t SO RARE.. if it could happen to us.. it can happen to you.

Thankfully we still have Trey, and he has  just came back a couple of weeks  ago from his 6 month check up in New York at MSKCC, and is still holding stable. Like I said , this is a long ongoing battle, where some kids battle harder and longer or theirs end all too soon. We are all affected by it. We grow close to many and establish bonds that you can never understand until you’ve been there.

So please this month, donate to CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH charity. Take toys to a childrens oncology floor, give a family you might know a gas card.. Paint your Facebook gold, contact the American Cancer Society and request they give more funding to childhood cancer research.

We have to fight for them, because kids can’t do it alone.

Disclaimer: these photos of cancer awareness, were taken from public sites I have no rights or ownership to them..


  1. I am a neuroblastoma survivor too. I was diagnosed back in January 1983 (on my mother’s 24th birthday, of all days) and it was stage 4. I had 2 major surgeries, a harsh chemo and radiation protocol, and just before my treatment was going to be over, I came down with 2 really bad ear infections that escalated into a viral infection called encephalitis. It damaged my brain stem, causing physical disabilities, hearing loss, and a speech impairment. I was 2 months away from turning three. I’ve come a long way since then (will be 31 at the end of this month) – I even have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. :) I am a FIERCE childhood cancer survivor (especially since I found out early last year that NOTHING has changed – funding, research, cures, NOTHING – in the past 30 years, since I had it. It makes me so mad. I do not wish my childhood on anybody else. Anyway, I am glad I found you and your beautiful, strong Trey! Tell him I said NEGU (Never Ever Give Up)! XOXO
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