How was your Day?

Todays Marriage tip from “Marriage Today”!/marriagetoday was

“At the end of every day, ask how your spouse’s day went. Part of it is courtesy. The other part is communication.”

So many times at the end of the day, when my husband and I talk on the phone, ( because that’s where most of our communication takes place when you have a truck driver for a husband) .. I just want to lash out and unwind from all the stress of the day and let him know “just how hard and crazy my day is”, without much concern on his day.. Because “You Know” my day is so much harder. :)

Juggling 8 kids, taking them to ball practice and games, homeschooling, nursing their booboos away, refereeing the fights, counseling the teens, being a “short order cook, maid, gardener, lawn care service, diaper changing, baby comforter, and on and on .. “wow” doesn’t that sound exhausting.. and that’s what I hit my husband with when he calls.. Not thinking he’s had to put up with the heat in the desert, ice on the roads, the flat tires, the alternator going out, the traffic, the temptations, the trying to please the ungrateful people he’s drove all night for to make their deadlines, the lonely road, missing his kids, missing the ball games, missing the fun that we have and all the milestones.. sacrificing daily, so that we might have a everything we desire and need, the worry of making sure he provides for his family..

I thank the Lord we have always had pretty good communication with each other, it might not always go so well, but we do talk to each other.. He’s my best friend (most days) 😉 … So many couples walk around like strangers in their own home. Not interested in each others life, their day, or tired of hearing the nagging from one or the other. I am so thankful, that my husband hasn’t turned his ears off to me, ( because believe me I’d understand if he did) I go many a day jumping into the conversation not meaning to disregard him, but I do, because I’m so focused on my own hurt, or stress, or problems.. And he most of the time, always knows how to bring me back to reality and balance me out and give me the guidance and wisdom I need.. (though , sometimes not always taken graciously) …

This was a good reminder today, and I hope it helps you too.. If you and your spouse  have been walking around feeling like there’s nothing there anymore, that they don’t care, and you have nothing to say to each other… Take the step forward and just ask about their day .. It could just be that little spark that might light the fire again. Don’t look at it as giving in, because when you give, most likely you will get back more in return.. Try it! Make it a habit….

So .. How was your day today, Honey..?


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