*Sneak Peek*..bathroom redo part 2..

Well I couldn’t wait to show just a couple of the projects from today.. One is a mirror, the other is a magazine/book rack and last  some kind of useless ornamental shelf, I have had forever and now I think I might just use it closer to the sink to hold my face washes, and creams that  I use daily, instead of digging through my shelf..

Here is the magazine rack and shelf, they were previously a cream color.. now they are green ..

Next is the mirror, (my favorite of today)… I bought this mirror about 10 years ago at a yard sale for about $15 or $20.. I thought I would love it at the time, but it has made its way around my house from the hall way to the living room to storage then to my bathroom. It just never fit well as I’m not a brassy person.. I had some robin eggy looking color blue left from my hall ways, and thought I’ll try it on the mirror.. I just barely dipped my brush and just surfaced brushed it.. I loved the dark crevices it left, it made it look so shabby and chic..

It really turned out really neat looking.. It will also go great with my rug that will tie in all the colors that I bought at Urban Outfitters http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=18491175

Well many, many more projects coming..

So next time you see that ugly mirror or useless shelf at that sale or auction.. just think of the possibilities..Also I have a little cabinet I will post next that I’m working on, and share its story..I am reusing, recycling  and saving money doing it too.. :)

Happy Redoing! :)

(after looking at these pictures after they were loaded .. I think I got paint on my lenses.. sorry for the smudges :) )



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  2. We just had our toilet remodeled in our contractor and San Diego said our copper pipes and the copper wiring he used was turning a bluish black color and he said he has never seen that before, can anybody tell me what might cause this?.

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