Summertime and great uses for Mint

So .. Have you ever wondered what to do with all that mint growing in your yard?  Or have you wanted to grow it and not know what to do with it afterward?  Well I have a few answers…

I have always loved the smell of mint. When I was a kid, my mom had mint growing at a few places we had lived. We used to drink ‘sweet iced tea” about everyday as a kid, (I grew up in the South y’all) so that was just part of life. In the summer when we had mint growing, my mom would always throw some fresh leaves in our tea.. I LOVED IT!! and still remember that today..

I always wanted to grow some, and a couple of years ago I bought a few plants.. Luckily I was told that mint will spread, and so I planted it contained in a raised bed. FYI.. so should you unless you want it to take over….

It grows well here, for some reason.. I’m not a garden expert, so I’m not sure about soils and so on..

Well now I have all this mint, what do I do with it all???

I’m not a huge tea drinker anymore, We’re water drinkers here.. :) so I do enjoy it in my water, it gives it a nice refreshing taste, especially when it’s hot.. I roll a few leaves or let it sit a while in the water to infuse the mint flavor.

You can only do so much with that.. so I had to find some other ideas..

Just growing mint itself is a wonderful thing.. Walking by it or crushing a leaf  between my fingers  in the summer time, and inhaling its wonderful aroma, just does something soothing to your soul.. It’s known to keep away ants, fleas, and mice.. so planting it near windows and doors is a good thing.. taking the leaves, putting it simmering water and other herbs of your choice, makes your house smell wonderful.  Also there are some wonderful health benefits to mint.. aids in digestive problems, stomach aches, headaches, wards off bacteria and infection in the body, sinus problems, and helps to relax the mind. Of course you would need to consume at least 2 cups of mint tea a day to see if this works or find another way to add it your diet.

I haven’t yet tried the thousands of recipes I have come across to add it to foods, it just doesn’t sound appetizing to me.. I only like to eat mint one way , and that is chocolate “Andies”  mints.. :)

I have found other fun ways to use it though.

You’ve heard the expression “barefoot and pregnant” .. That’s me ..LOL… Summertime is here and I’m usually barefoot or in flipflops.(actually any time of the year you come to my house, I’m barefoot)  So that also means I have rough and tough feet.. that’s not so nice when you’re in public with unkept feet.. I am always finding new scrubs whether for my body, face or feet.. Because EXFOLIATING is a MUST for good skin care.. One thing my husband has always said is that I have the softest skin.. of course that better be the only skin he’s feeling..LOL… Just kidding (sense of humor again) ..

Here is a Minty, Lemony Foot Scrub..

This is what you’ll need..

For a one time use recipe…

You need 1 Lemon

2 TBLS Sugar or

 (because it’s liquidy, you need something more coarse like raw sugar or coarse sea salt)

1 TBLS Almond Oil

15 mint leaves

I used about 5 Lemon Balm Leaves Also


Essential Lemon Oil

Put the lemon into a blender and mix it  into a pulp             

Chop your leaves and add to the pulp

Add the rest of the ingredients, stir, roll your pants up, soak your feet and have one of your kids rub away… AHHHhhhh!!!

There are so many other variations of scrubs, face washes, and so on that you can do with mint.. Just Google It !!

Now I’ll just relax with my mint water and my refreshingly scrubbed  feet..



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