New Born/ Infant… Natural Skin Care

Today I just wanted to share on caring for your newborns skin , care for belly button and circumcisions…

Since I am new to blogging and not sure how the legal aspects work..I just want to make sure I give credit to where credit is due.. Which is to ..If you want to know anything as far as how to find herbs, how they work and how to make tinctures and salves, you really need to check out her blog, website and You Tube videos .. Her Making Babies Series is amazing.. I love it and am addicted to making all of the things inside the book and on the DVDs that I ordered with it..


So first off… My babies have always had sensitive skin… Washing my babies clothes in “Dreft” is a must for us.. I haven’t yet looked into natural laundry soaps for babies, we use the homemade version laundry soap for our clothes and love it so far, but have not tried washing Trenton’s clothes in it.. Next, I put Trenton into the Huggies brand diapers to start off with until I was up and going enough to mess with cloth diapers that I had bought.. BIG MISTAKE.. He immediately had a horrible reaction.. I switched to Pampers Sensitive and went to my cloth diapers and that fixed it.. Next is wipes.. I use Pampers Sensitive, they have been the best by far if your baby has sensitive skin..  I was going to make my own, but I tried it in the past and wasn’t that impressed, so these work and I don’t have to mess with cutting through paper towels which is worse than scratching a chalk board for me..LOL !!!!

Ok…. so right off in the first 48 hours Trenton had extremely sensitive skin.. Worst case I have ever seen with any of my kids.. I immediately made up some bath water made with the Bulk Herb Store mix of Baby Bath Herbs.. You take a 1/2 cup of the mixture of herbs and pour into 5 cups of hot water not boiling and let sit and strain like a tea.. then pour into the bath water .. It worked amazingly…( a mixture of lavender,rosemary,rose petals, and yarrow.)… then I rubbed him down with the baby cream that I made also from the Making Babies series.. mixture of ( Calendula, rose petals, lavender, coconut oil, aloe, vit E, grapefruit extract)…these are all wonderful healing, soothing and anti-fungal herbs and with the baby cream you are adding great things for the skin like vit e, coconut ect.. this all made a huge, noticeable difference.. it cleared his skin immediately and I haven’t used anything else since.. You might wonder about it not being soap and getting your baby clean, but lavender is a natural bacteria fighter and it acts as antibacterial soap..

   (the brown bottle is my belly button tincture)               (these are the baby bath herbs pre mixed from the Bulk Herb Store)

On to the belly button care.. I am so amazed at these young moms I talk to that don’t have a clue.. I have always used straight alcohol and a cotton ball , and it works, but I came across a recipe for a tincture, made with rosemary, Calendula, and comfrey, again all good skin healing herbs, you pour alcohol over these herbs and store for up to 7-14 days, I did this months ahead.. then strain and put into a tincture jar( small glass bottle with a dropper) .. I immediately started using this on Trenton, and his cord was gone in 4 days.. much sooner than all my other babies.. it healed up very nicely.. at every diaper changing, I took a cotton ball saturated it in the tincture, and dropped a few drops on to the cord, make sure you get in the crevices.. of course if it is raw or bloody, the alcohol DOES burn.. just blow on it.. baby will be fine in a few seconds.. So again awesome stuff. I had a whole bottle practically left, I have been putting it on the kids bug bites and it works great and poison ivy.. although the Bulk Herb Store just posted a new video on a poison ivy tincture.. Haven’t tried that yet though. but will be soon..

 ( this was the 4th day how his belly button looked after the cord fell off that morning)

Now to the Circumcision care.. if you decide to circumcise this is a must have.. We had Trenton circumcised, it was a lot later than we planned because of my health, and I won’t go into it, but it did not go so well.. but anyway… they recommended I only put antibiotic cream on although I had the salve made up, I went with their instructions, I went through 2 tubes of antibiotic cream, and when I ran out I switched to the salve I pre made.. I finally  realised later that the tip had been over cut on the side and it was really having a hard time healing.. once I started lathering the salve on it started to heal, and he started to become less fussy.. It is great stuff!! I also gave a can of it to each of my boys (the recipe made 5 cans)   to keep for the excema on their legs, they were scratching until they bled.. it’s has really helped to heal them up.. the mixture is (lavender, Calendula, rosemary, comfrey, and coconut oil) cooked and made into a slave with beeswax.. Again all of these recipes and the exact directions are in their books or videos, you can watch them all for free on You Tube..

 (this is the before of the circ. herbs in the jar)  the oil is a massage oil that I also made up…  ( this is the salve after)

So now we are all healed and from cord, circumcision , raw butts and sensitive skin.. I will continue to use the  “bath herbs” for a while and continue making the creams .. I feel much more comfortable putting this on my baby’s skin than anything else… and I enjoy making it and seeing how the things God put on this earth for us to use, works so great.. So that’s my spin on caring for a newborns skin.. they don’t need tons of baths, that will dry out their skin, make sure you clean under their necks and folds and that they dry out completely before you dress and diaper them.. airing out their tushies is the best remedy for diaper rash and change their diapers frequently.. and SUNSHINE… wonderful  for newborns especially for keeping jaundice away or helping resolve it.. a few minutes at a time throughout the day.. works wonders.. If your baby is having lots of blistery diaper rashes, switch to a sensitive or hypo allergenic diaper and if that doesn’t help, you need to see what is going into his body, (whether breast or bottle fed) that might be causing  the problem.. HAPPY TAKING CARE OF YOUR BABY!!! with every one of them  it’s a new learning experience and everyone is different, I learn new things all the time.. and I am sure I will face new challenges everyday..


  1. THANK YOU so much for posting this!! I’ve been searching for info on healing circ and it seems I only came up with anti circ answers not answers to my questions… So thank you!! I searched their youtube channel and didn’t see the recipes for the salve and belly button tincture.. Could you help me out?? Thanks!

    • Hi Wendi, The process of both take several days to a week to make, so it might not be convient for you at this point, if your baby’s already been born and circumcised. The tincture for the belly button is 1/2 c. of dried rosemary, 1/3 cup of calendula and 1 cup of comfrey (all dried herbs you can get from bulk herb store or frontier herbs, or local health food store) Put these into a pint jar, pour alcohol over it and let it sit in a dark place for 7-14 days.. then strain and put in dropper jar.. As I said this is why it might not work for you now but it’s a great tincture to have on hand, I used it in my son poison ivy..LOL though it burns.. it did dry it up.. I would use straight alcohol and just make sure it’s getting lots of fresh air, it should heal up in time. For the Circ. Salve is 2 tbls, of lavendar, 2 tbls of calendula, 4 tbls of rosemary and 1/2 cup of comfrey, put into a quart canning jar, pour over melted coconut oil and put into a crock pot half full of water and a towel to keep jar from breaking and let it cook for 3 days on a very low , low setting.. strain off oil and for every 2 cups of oil add 1/2 cup of beeswax, melt that then take off stove and add around 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract.. Pour into a small jar or cans and let cool and it should harden into a salve.. Store in a cool place or it WILL melt (like in your purse in the car) LOL .. Well good luck to you.. hope this helps.. in the mean time just use lots of antibiotic cream on it.
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  2. I am actually 27 weeks pregnant and don’t know the sex of the babe :) So I do have time! Hurray!!!
    I’m such a planner :)
    Thanks for those measurments! SOOO appreciate it!
    So for the crock pot you put half oil and half water?? Just making sure I got you right. Towel on top the crock? I just made an infused oil in crock and did it for a few hours and measurment of oil was just that it was covered.. Any specifics on oil amount?


  3. Wendi, you pour the melted oil over the herbs in a quart jar about 1 inch or more from the top. Then put the jar in the crock pot with water and towel in the bottom.. Don’t add water to the oil . Then Strain the herbs out of the jar ( after 3 days) into a small sauce pan and add the beeswax until melted at a low heat. Then add the drops of GSE. Yes I like to have it all it all planned too. Congratulations on the new the baby. They are such a blessing, the best to you during the rest of your pregnancy.. I can’t say enough about the baby bath herbs… even my midwife has got some from me to give to her patients.. that might be something to look into also..
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  4. Yes I have all the stuff for that except rose petals which I will make sure to do for babe!! I was thinking of doing a bath after birth with babe with herbs but haven’t gotten THAT far yet :)

    I don’t have GSE could you suggest something else?? I have lavendar, peppermint essential oils and vitamin e….

  5. The Grapefruit seed extract is used as a perservative, so I’m not sure what else to use. I do use the vit e in my lotions that also works but, you can get the gfs at pretty much all health food stores. I always do an after bath with the baby, that recipe works or an herbal sitz bath with epsom salts. My first home birth I order it from but I’m sure you can make it up. It felt wonderful … Wish I had had it for the first 5 births. Especially my first, I couldn’t sit for 2 weeks .. Wish I would have had more “sence” then, but of course I didn’t have the internet and all the knowledge in the world at my fingertips, and I was only 19-20 and thought the Drs and hospitals had all the answers :) I would love to hear back from you in the future on sex of babe and if he or she has entered the world and if you used any of the recipes, and how they worked.. Blessings to you ..
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  6. I will let you know! Thank you so so much!!! Yes I tore and my body rejected the stitches and I was told by receptionist at doc office that its normal to cry when you pee. Needless to say I didn’t heal for about 3ish months but it took longers for me to get myself back… I will look at ingredients of that herb bath stuff you got! Thanks. Gosh can we be friends??! 😀
    I’m so excited for my first home birth and water birth!
    DS was midwife in hospital natural.

  7. LOL.. yes we can be friends.. :) My previous home birth in 08′ ended up being a water birth, but not planned.. but it went ok.. just no very comfortable in a tub, even though it is a huge garden tub. If I happen to another and if I happen to choose water birth, I would go for the “blow up pool thing”.. But either option is a HUGE” IF”..LOL
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  8. Ya we have a blow up one.
    I thought of a question for cord. Did you put the tincture on it right away or wait some time??

  9. I sorry to be just getting back with you . I actually this time had a different cord clamp used, I can’t remember what it is called, but it wasn’t the big plastic clamp that’s always in the way, it was like a little rubber band almost, it didn’t leave the jagged edges and it was close to the skin. If I find out the name I’ll get back with you on it, but I wish they had invented this back 8 kids ago, and yes I put it on like the next morning and at every diaper change.
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  10. Wendy, If you’re out there, I just was doing some editing and came across our conversation..Wow, can’t believe it’s already been 9 months.. Wondering how you are and how things went with the baby and if your Homebirth went well. Let me know how you are. :)
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  11. Hello bff 😉

    I was just looking thro our convo to get some info again!

    Yes my boy is 9.5 months and almost walking!
    I meant to write you back telling you about my experience :)

    Your info is lovely! The homebirth was AMAZING! I used Hynobabies and my birth was a walk in the park and NO tearing water birth! The herbs helped his circumcision.

    Thank you so much! I LOVE the herbal bath that I made myself instead of buying(did a little different mix) and I actually sell it here. Everyone loved it and it is amazing how great you feel after use!

    I hope I get a notification when you reply!


    • Well 5 months have went by.. So glad things went well :). Sorry I’m not that great at getting on my blog and replying. Hope things are well and Happy New Year.

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